African Americans and Hispanics are among the most influential ethnic groups to the marketing world. Both ethnic groups take a huge part of modern consumer goods and there are very particular marketing strategies to appeal to both Hispanics and African American consumers. Taking advantage of multicultural marketing gives you a huge upper-hand in product advertisements. If you’re not considering a diverse audience while you market, you are missing out on an array of opportunities.

Multicultural Marketing: Speak to the Youngest and Fastest Growing Consumer Segment in the U.S

With the multicultural market expected to reach 79.1M by 2020, representing $4.6 trillion in total spending - these are today's, as well as tomorrow's, power consumers. Multicultural youths are the future of the U.S. - growing by over 2.3M every year. Hispanic Marketing and Marketing to African-Americans and other influential ethnic groups, requires a deep understanding of their specific cultures and the roles they play within their daily lives.

Strategic Multicultural Content Alliances

Refuel is the exclusive sales representative for the African American National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and the National Association of Hispanic Publishers (NAHP). These exclusive partnerships, along with many others, provide tremendous access nationally, regionally and locally.

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360° Multicultural Advertising Solutions

Refuel reaches millions of multicultural consumers everyday. Our broad range of marketing services effectively surround consumers with targeted, multi-platform advertising messages. Our proprietary digital networks and special sales relationships with over 1500 multicultural publishers give you the efficiencies to reach this powerful audience with one buy.
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New Research: 5 Insights to Reach Hispanic Consumers Online

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2017 Hispanic Explorer Market Research Study

2017 Hispanic Explorer Market Research Study For the first time ever, Refuel has expanded its Explorer study series to include the powerful Hispanic market and consumers. This study provides key insights to better ...

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Gillette Gillette leveraged the Refuel Local Ad Network™ (LAN), to drive awareness of their Gillette Fusion Shave Gel The company was looking to place the Gillette Fusion brand directly into an environment ...

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University of the Rockies The University tapped refuel agency to increase school enrollment among multicultural working professionals in the Denver market. To emphasize the University of the Rockies’ commitment to diversity, refuel agency developed ...

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Verizon refuel agency raised awareness for Verizon’s career opportunities and hiring events among college, military, Asian, Hispanic and African-American audiences. refuel developed a plan that employed niche market newspapers to successfully deliver Verizon’s messaging ...

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