Marketing to Teens: Now, More Important Than Ever

Generation Z should be a part of every marketing campaign these days. Their spending power, now at over $250 billion+, is impressive in its own right. Add in entry-point consumers, influential brand decision-makers, and early adopters (not to mention digital natives) to the list and this consumer segment becomes a can't miss opportunity. Ignore at your own peril.

We Know More about Gen Z and Millennial Teen Marketing than Any of Our Competitors

Through our proprietary Millennial Teens Digital Explorer TM and Gen Z Digital Explorer TM and third-party efficacy studies, we know the youth market inside and out. With over 20 years of experience in this space, we know which teen marketing trends are effective and utilize only the best tactical approaches to achieve qualified results.

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Largest network of proprietary teen based assets

With access to over 80,000 youth venues, Refuel offers powerful opportunities for brand engagement, exposure and penetration within the teen marketing space. This includes unique access to over 11,000 elementary, middle and high schools due to our long-term contractual relationships with school administrators, teachers and decision-makers. From proprietary high school out-of-home media, to digital, direct marketing, and events and sampling, we offer custom, 360° multi-platform solutions to fit your needs.
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Teen School  Place Based Media

Largest in-School Out-of-Home Media Network

Gen Z and Millennial Teen  Ad Network

Reaching Gen Z on Select Sites That Are Important To Them

Gen Z and Millennial Teen Digital & Mobile Marketing

Digital and Mobile Solutions Reaching this Hard to Reach Audience

Social Media Marketing to Gen Z and Millennial Teens

Social Media Engagement Strategies with Savvy Tweens and Teens

1st Party Teen Data

Email and More via Our Proprietary 1st & 3rd Party Student Database

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