Marketing to Teens: It’s a Mobile and Social World

Marketing to Teens: It’s a Mobile and Social World

June 7, 2017

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In case you haven’t heard, today’s teens — also known as Gen Z — are kind of a big deal!

These digital natives now represent 22 percent of the U.S. population, and by 2020, they’ll make up 40 percent of all consumers.  They still live in their parents’ homes, but their smartphones and tablets are their ‘own world.’ Here at Refuel Agency, we know there’s nothing they can’t — and don’t — do on these devices. They’d use Uber or Lyft way before hailing a taxi, and Venmo means they never have to carry cash. Everything they need to know about their friends and the outside world, they learn from social media.

And when it comes to marketing to teens for mobile and social, what’s “in” changes at lightning speed. As soon as the newest iPhone comes out, the one before it is obsolete. Snapchat stories are the new Facebook feeds — and they’re filled with selfies and flower crowns. (Cue Instagram launching a copycat to try to keep up.)

What does all this mean for marketers? Without question, brands need to put mobile and social first when targeting this younger generation. And they need to be thinking about what’s next on these platforms even before it’s here.  Thankfully, that’s where Refuel can help.  As a full-service digital agency, we will plan, execute, measure and optimize your Gen Z campaigns from start to finish.

Keeping up with marketing to teens won’t be easy, but research from Refuel Agency’s Gen Z Digital ExplorerTM Study proves that it will be worth it. Here are just a few of the key facts from the largest annual custom digital media study of this consumer group.

  • Teens spend 6.3 hours a day on their smartphones and 1.9 hours per day on their tablets
  • 59% of teens have been driven to take action of some sort after seeing mobile media
  • 34% of teens have researched a product as a result of seeing mobile media
  • 22% of teens have purchased a product as a result of seeing mobile media
  • 47% are somewhat/very likely to consider a brand or service if their favorite blogger or YouTuber recommended it

This new generation has made one thing clear: they make their own rules. It may not be easy to anticipate their ever-changing needs, but these numbers are evidence that there is reward in adjusting your marketing to teen strategy to woo them. And today, that means meeting them on their phones and social media.

To get a full understanding of marketing to teens including spending habits, technology ownership, media consumption, and lifestyles to help inform your marketing strategy, request your copy of the Refuel Agency Gen Z Digital ExplorerTM Research Study.


Author:  Jeff Miller, VP Youth Market / Refuel Agency