Creating Social Media Strategies Directly for Teens

Work with Refuel Agency’s skilled team of Social Media strategists to build and execute unique and creative ways to speak the language of this unique audience. Our Social Media team knows that to effectively reach Teens, you need to integrate into their social spaces and speak with them, not at them. Our full-service social capabilities span across owned, earned and paid media options to ensure your campaign strikes the perfect mix to resonate with the Gen Z audience.

Unprecedented Gen-Z Targeting and Optimization Knowledge

Just like every generation before them, Gen Z have their preferred platforms and networks. We are up to speed almost as fast as they are, and know exactly how to move with your audience. Snapchat,, Wishbone: you name it, we know about it. Our thoughtfully planned and strategically optimized campaigns are sure to leave a mark on this up-and-coming generation.

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