Top Reasons Why Digital Is the Best Way to Reach Millennial Teens

Top Reasons Why Digital Is the Best Way to Reach Millennial Teens

July 28, 2015

Teens today spend 17 or more hours a day looking at a screen; they are the most digitally connected generation ever. In order to reach the teen market, brands must look to where they spend most of their time – with digital devices. It should come to no surprise then, that teens actively use their mobile devices throughout the shopping experience. This fact makes digital advertising crucial to any brand’s marketing mix.

In our latest Millennial Teens Digital Explorer Study, we look at the digital lifestyles, purchasing habits and media perceptions of teens today. The study answers questions like: How much money are they spending? What motivates their loyalty to a brand? What kind of ads do they respond to? How do they use their phones and other electronic devices? What are the trends in social media and app usage? What is important to them at this point in life?


Some key findings from the study include:

  • Online video ads are grabbing the most attention out of all digital ad types.
  • The smartphone is the most important device in the life of a millennial teen.
  • Electronics account for half of the products millennial teens say they can’t live without.

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The following infographic depicts the millennial teen’s love of everything digital.

Millennial Teens Digital Explorer Infographic

Our study examines the opportunities for marketers in the vastly digital teen generation, including purchasing habits, perceptions of media and digital usage.

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