Refuel Agency Unveils the 2015 College Explorer

Refuel Agency Unveils the 2015 College Explorer

February 2, 2016

College students wield incredible spending power and influence. In 2015, the universe grew to 21.8 million students with $523 billion in total spending. And while non-discretionary spending declined slightly, discretionary grew an incredible 25%.

As the importance of marketing to the college market increases, so does the need to understand this young, radically diverse audience.

In the 2015 College Explorer study, we explore college student spending, technology ownership, media consumption, and other important topics – making it a must-have resource for college marketers.

Some key findings from the study include:

  • Students spend an astounding 140+ hours a week with their tech devices
  • The most important political issues are the economy, environment and healthcare  
  • 71% of students willingly post publically on social media

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Take a look at some of the findings from the College Explorer study in the infographic below:


The proprietary study explores ways for brands to engage this important, yet illusive, audience,
including the media tactics that resonate best and types of advertising messaging that are
most effective.


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