Campus Pursuit Joins Forces with Refuel Agency

Campus Pursuit Joins Forces with Refuel Agency

January 25, 2017

campus pursuitPopular Scavenger Hunt Program Will Become Part of Refuel Agency’s College Club TM Platform.  (NEW YORK, NY) January 24, 2017 –Refuel Agency, a leader in Youth, College, Military and Multicultural marketing and media placement, today announced it is joining forces with Campus Pursuit – a highly successful experiential youth marketing company that uses college scavenger hunts to connect brands with college students through a campus-wide scavenger hunt app.

The free iOS and Android app, provides students with clues to find hidden prizes scattered across specific campuses – providing valuable brand exposure for national and local brands across the country. A team of student ambassadors at each campus manages the scavenger hunts and spreads the word about the app. Each scavenger hunt provides advertisers with valuable consumer data and interactions. Campus Pursuit, which launched in 2014, has already partnered with key brands including PopCorners, AMP Energy, Moon Cheese Snacks, Neuro Drinks, NFL Sunday Ticket, Chipotle, Kettle Brand Chips, Harry’s, and many more.

Initially founded as a more interactive method for local college-town businesses to advertise to college students, the overwhelming amount of interest from students led co-founders Scott Wisotsky and Shachar Avraham to expand the business model to include national brands. The Campus Pursuit scavenger hunts will now be part of Refuel Agency’s College Club TM platform, the leading peer-to-peer college ambassador network and on-campus activation platform in the U.S.

“In conjunction with Refuel’s established platform, the Campus Pursuit Scavenger Hunt Program enhances a brand’s ability to connect with college students in an integrated way. The mass reach provided by Refuel’s College Club TM network will enable the Campus Pursuit Scavenger Hunt Programs to activate on many more campuses across the country,” says Mr. Wisotsky.

“With a target market of over $520B in spending power and unique brand preferences, college advertisers must adjust to the needs of their consumers by utilizing fresh and exciting marketing strategies. This integration provides a tremendous opportunity for our team at Campus Pursuit and, more importantly, great news for our clients to whom we’ll be able to offer a larger array of services and media,” says Mr. Avraham.

The synergistic union will also benefit Campus Pursuit’s student ambassadors who will be integrated into the award-winning College Club TM platform; providing expanded opportunities to represent some of the best brands in the world on their campuses.

“I am very excited to work with Scott and Shachar along with their universe of student reps. Their in-depth understanding of the college media and marketing landscape as well as their commitment to the college consumer are a perfect match for Refuel’s team of college and youth experts and our dedication to this space,” says Jeff Miller, VP College & Youth Division.

About Refuel Agency: Refuel Agency is the largest, full service marketing and advertising agency dedicated to helping brands reach teens, college students, military personnel, multicultural and local communities across the U.S. Refuel’s College and Youth Division offers brands and agencies 360◦ multi-platform solutions that make up the largest integrated collection of college marketing services in the industry. Refuel owns the vast majority of its media and digital assets on campus, with exclusive reach to 21.8M college students on over 3,400 campuses throughout the U.S. Refuel’s College Club TM is a peer-to-peer influencing network that matches brands with influential campus ambassadors who authentically integrate and amplify brands into their campus and lifestyle.

About Campus Pursuit: Campus Pursuit is a scavenger hunt program that engages college students with brands through its campus-wide scavenger hunt app. Students follow clues on the iOS or Android app to find prizes hidden around campus. A team of student ambassadors at each campus manages the scavenger hunts and promotes the app.