U.S. Active Duty Military Consumers: Strong, Powerful, Savvy and Loyal

U.S. Active Duty Military Consumers: Strong, Powerful, Savvy and Loyal

February 13, 2017

active duty segmentRefuel Agency is proud to announce its annual Military Explorer study that looks at the U.S. Active Duty segment and examines their media usage, digital media consumption, advertising perceptions, shopping patterns, and post active duty plans. Active Duty are entry point consumers making their first time brand and purchasing decisions.

Reaching this 1.3 million Active Duty segment is no simple task. After all, they are predominately millennials (81% of Active Duty are 18 to 34 years old), who we know are the ultimate media multitaskers. Over 50% of Active Duty say they use at least 11 media vehicles a few or more times a week. Unlike your typical civilian millennial, they are 100% educated with a HS Diploma/GED equivalent, as well as 100% employed. With an annual $15 billion in spending power, Active Duty overspend as compared to their general market consumer counterpart in the following key categories: Auto, Technology, Gaming, Apparel, and Home Improvement.

The Active Duty consumer is transitory. Training, relocating, and deployments make this a difficult market to reach. They consume media through numerous military specific media touchpoints – on base Military advertising and sponsorships, digital, social, email, broadcast, and print publications.

  • 77% of Active Duty often use the Internet for military sites
  • 2 in 3 often read on-base Military newspapers
  • 68% have a deeper connection with brands when they see their outdoor advertising on base.
  • Uniquely, 64% use social media as their primary news source, but the highest ad recall is seen from on-base newspapers.

The Refuel Military Explorer gives you an in-depth look into why and how brands should reach the Active Duty segment. In short, Active Duty:

  • Are loyal and savvy shoppers, visiting on-base and off-base retailers to obtain quality products of their favorite brands at value prices
  • Plan to buy high value items, such as houses or cars, while utilizing a number of financing services and insurances
  • Members often frequent various on-base locations and take part in many on-base events. They are very receptive to all types of base advertising, and feel a deeper connection with brands they see on base

Refuel Military is dedicated to helping brands authentically and creatively reach the Military market through proprietary research, strategy development, media planning + buying, and data driven results.

To request more information about our Active Duty Military Explorer Study or Refuel’s strategy, creative, and media services to reach this unique market, click here.

Author:  Liz Carmo, VP, Military Market