New Research: 5 Insights to Reach Hispanic Consumers Online

New Research: 5 Insights to Reach Hispanic Consumers Online

July 10, 2017

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CMOs from virtually every industry are taking notice of the growth prospects that the Hispanic community presents —

At 56.7 million strong, the Hispanic population accounts for 17.6% of U.S. inhabitants and accounts for $1.3 trillion in purchasing power. And that’s only expected to grow. The Hispanic community will constitute a whopping 30 percent of the nation’s population by July 1, 2050, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. These are numbers that should have the attention of every brand and retailer.

But despite the facts, the opportunities to reach this audience through digital media remain considerably untapped. What exactly should agencies and marketers be doing? To find out, Refuel Agency conducted its first-ever proprietary study of the Hispanic community. The study covers consumer spending, shopping habits, media usage, and lifestyles. More than 1,843 Hispanics (1,370 English speakers & 473 Spanish speakers) were interviewed online between March 21 and March 29, 2017.

Our research reveals some powerful new insights and best practices for engaging this audience. Here are just a few.

  1. Hispanic media and social are top news sources. When asked where they get the most of their news from, 74% of respondents indicated some form of Hispanic media. When broken down by channel, social media was the top source (60%), followed by Hispanic broadcast (47%), Hispanic newspapers (40%), Hispanic websites (33%) and News apps (28%). Why does Hispanic media dominate? It’s viewed as reliable, with 79% indicating that they trust Hispanic media overall. Top News Sources for Hispanic Community
  2. They’re on social — especially Facebook. Hispanics are 30% more likely to use any social media compared to the general population. When asked which channels they use once a week or more, Facebook topped the list with 70%, followed by YouTube (54%), WhatsApp (37%), Instagram (35%) and Pinterest (24%). What’s more is that ads are resonating with them when they’re keeping up with their notifications. 43% indicated they researched a product after seeing a social media ad, and 24% bought the product.
  3. They’re ahead of the curve on mobile. If there’s one place you can count on reaching Hispanics, it’s on mobile — they’re 42% more likely to use smartphones compared to the general population. Moreover, they have a higher intent to buy new mobile technology, with Spanish speakers 24% more likely to get a new mobile service plan in the next 12 months. Ads here lead them down the path to purchase, too: 33% said they researched a product after seeing a mobile ad, and 22% bought the product.
  4. Streaming video is taking over. The Netflixes and YouTubes of the world are ripe with opportunity. That’s right — Hispanics are 2.2x more likely to use any video streaming compared to the general population. Of all video content providers, Netflix is the most popular (51%), followed by Cable TV (43%), YouTube (39%), Satellite TV (30%) and DVRs (19%).Hispanic streaming video usage
  5. Streaming music services are dominating, too. Hispanics aren’t just streaming video — they’re also streaming their favorite music. In fact, Hispanics are 41% more likely to use any music streaming compared to the general population. Which services do they favor? FM Radio tops the list (57%), followed by Pandora (46%), YouTube Music (28%), Spotify (21%) and Apple Music (15%). Turns out, a good amount are listening to ads when they’re there, too. 33% indicated they researched a product after hearing a radio ad, and 20% bought the product.

Hispanic audio

If your marketing playbook isn’t already accounting for the vast opportunity the Hispanic community presents, hopefully these insights have made it clear: now is the time to start. These are just a few of the places to be to reach these valuable consumers in 2017. Request your copy of Refuel’s Hispanic ExplorerTM research study for more insights!


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