Your Next Big Opportunity: How to Market to Hispanic Consumers

Your Next Big Opportunity: How to Market to Hispanic Consumers

July 20, 2017

How do Hispanic consumers view digital content and ads?

Hispanic consumers

Do Hispanic consumers prefer ads in Spanish or English? New research from Refuel Agency’s first proprietary Hispanic Explorer consumer research study sheds light on these questions and more, offering a window into this market’s media usage and shopping habits.

With Hispanics now accounting for 17.6% of the U.S. population and growing, it makes sense that an increasing number of companies are pursuing this under-served audience. We recently rounded up 5 ways to reach Hispanic consumers online. But what should you be saying once you’re there — and how should you be saying it?


Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when developing your Hispanic marketing strategy.

1. Be aware of cultural diversity. The Hispanic community encompasses several origin groups. Among the 56.7 million Hispanics in the U.S., the majority self-identify as being of Mexican origin (35.8M), followed by Puerto Rican (5.4M), Central American (5.2M), South American (3.4M), Cuban (2.1M), Dominican (1.9M), and All Other (2.9M). These origin groups can differ from each other in a number of ways, such as likelihood to have a college degree or median household income.


2. Consider generational gaps. Adding to the diversity of this community is the fact that it spans across many generations. Overall, the group skews young with a median age of 28.7. No age group rivals Gen Z (Under 20 yrs), accounting for 20M, followed by Millennials (21-34 yrs) at 14M, Generation X (35-49 yrs) at 11.5M, and Other (50+ yrs) at 11.2M. These demographics should undoubtedly affect how you tailor your marketing tactics and content.

Hispanic generations



3. Make campaigns mobile friendly. Hispanics are 42% more likely to use smartphones compared to the general population. As for what they’re doing on their phones? Among other things, shopping. 33% say they researched a product after seeing a mobile ad, and 22% then bought the product. These numbers are proof that your campaigns for this audience should be mobile-first, or at the least mobile friendly.




Hispanic ad language



4. Mind your language choice. Approximately 55% of Hispanic consumers are bilingual, so it makes sense that the majority (45%) indicate they’re equally likely to pay attention to ads in either language. However, of those who do have a preference, 44% say they pay more attention to ads in English, compared to only 11% who say they pay more attention to Spanish ads.





Hispanic loyalty



5. Offer discounts & rewards programs. When asked what motivates them to stay loyal to a brand, 76% indicated that Quality is a key factor, with both Discounts and Rewards Programs close behind at 67% and 55%, respectively. The translation? Reward-based promotions are an obvious choice for building brand affinity among this audience.





6. Make campaigns unique and hyper-relevant. The million-dollar question: what kinds of ads will grab the attention of this market? The majority of respondents indicated that “Creatively unique ads” and “Ads that are relevant to me” were the best at capturing their attention, both receiving 61% of votes. “Ads that provide information” and “Ads that offer incentive” were also popular responses at 60% and 56% respectively, while “Humorous ads” resonated the least at 48%. In other words, skip the humor in favor of a highly original or informative campaign.

Marketing to this growing community can be a fruitful opportunity, but only when executed thoughtfully. Consider these best practices to ensure you don’t miss the mark. For more in-depth advice, fill out the info box on our home page and let us send you some insight reports along with case studies and efficacy research matched to your product/service category.