New Study: Where Do Hispanics Stand On Politics?

New Study: Where Do Hispanics Stand On Politics?

July 24, 2017

Mid adult Hispanic man is raising his hand to ask a question, while sitting in audience during political rally or town hall meeting. Speaker is standing at podium addressing crowd.

The exploding Hispanic population is poised to influence every aspect of American life — and Hispanic politics is no exception.

Considering today’s contentious political environment, this power is not to be underestimated. Views of the current administration are strongly felt, and deeply polarizing. So where do Hispanics stand?

We interviewed a panel of 1,843 Hispanics (1,370 English / 473 Spanish speakers) in March 2017 to find out. Our first-ever proprietary study of this growing community provides insights to better understand their habits, lifestyles and values — including where they stand on some of today’s most critical political issues.

Here are some of our key findings.


Political Identity

Hispanic Politics

The effect of the booming Hispanic population on American politics has been evident in recent presidential elections. In which ways are they tipping the scales?

When asked the question, ‘What political party do you identify with the most?,’ the majority of respondents identified as Democrat (42%). The second-most popular political affiliation is Independent (23%), followed by Republican (20%) and Other (15%).



Important Political Issues

Which of today’s hot-button issues are top of mind for Hispanic politics? Overall, the group considers The economy the most important issue (73%), followed closely by Education (69%).

Their next chief concerns are Healthcare policy (64%), The environment (56%), National security (56%), Immigration (48%), The job market (43%), Race relations (32%), Foreign affairs (26%) and Same-sex marriage (17%).

When isolating only those respondents who are Spanish speakers, a different issue takes the top spot: 81% consider Education the most significant political issue today.


Hispanic Issues


Hispanic Immigration


Immigration Attitudes

You may have been surprised to see Immigration so far down the list of most important issues — not even making it into the top five. Turns out, despite the Trump administration’s restrictionist position on immigration, the majority of Hispanic Americans aren’t worried.

57% indicated they are not worried that they or a family member could be deported under the current administration (43% Not At All, 14% Not Much). Only 23% indicated that they worried A lot, 14% Some, and 6% Don’t Know.
Only time will tell how this increasingly powerful community will shape our political future, in the 2020 election and beyond. But one thing’s for sure: this group is primed to disrupt in more ways than one.

For full insights from Refuel Agency’s 2017 Hispanic Explorer Market Research Study, including research on this audience’s consumer spending, shopping habits, media usage, and lifestyles, request your free copy of the report.