What a Student Brand Ambassador Program Can Do For Your Brand

What a Student Brand Ambassador Program Can Do For Your Brand

September 7, 2017

The Student Brand Ambassador Program

College campuses are tight-knit, communities made up of all different kinds of young people who are all finding themselves. Students are getting involved in clubs, joining different organizations, learning their trade or field of study, and building networks of other like-minded peers.

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However, there’s only so much that students can learn in a classroom setting. Many students are looking for more out of their college experience, and looking to grow beyond the confines of their own college campus by becoming a brand ambassador.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Some students want hands on experience working for their favorite brands, and with 75% of students taking action after interacting with a student campus ambassador, according to Refuel Agency’s 2017 College Explorer™ study, many marketers dream of infiltrating the 18-23 year old college student demographic.

So what exactly can a student brand ambassador do for your brand? I’ve worked for years with companies of all different kinds on their student ambassador programs, and have seen firsthand the impact these programs can create if properly executed.

What The Students Do

  • Start the conversation about your brand: While digital advertising or other marketing tactics definitely have their place, student ambassadors can actually start a conversation with their peers on campus. Through strategic social media posts, tabling
    and other offline activations, students who believe in the brand they are representing
    can get their classmates talking about it.
  • Gain valuable insights: Want to know what college students really think of your brand? Student ambassadors can collect all types of data and insights from their peers. These insights can help you build a better brand, more suited to the demographic you are trying to reach.
  • Drive sales: Through various management and compensation models that we have perfected over the years here at Refuel, student brand ambassador programs can be structured to have students drive sales directly amongst the most influential consumer group in the world.
  • Hire future employees: I’ve seen multiple situations where companies end up hiring their student ambassadors after they graduate. This is an ideal way to hire future employees that are knowledgeable and passionate about your brand.

No two brand ambassador programs are the same. Each brand has different goals. Are you looking to get more downloads for an app? Looking to drive more in-store sales? Looking to drive more on-line sales? Looking to build buzz around a new product launch? Let us help you. That’s what we are here for at Refuel.

By: Scott Wisotsky, Refuel Agency

The Student Brand Ambassador Program
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The Student Brand Ambassador Program
A detailed article on the Student Brand Ambassador Program which uses social media posts, table sampling, campus events and more. They believe in the brand they are representing and work hard to promote brand awareness.
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