The Strategic Power of Out-of-Home Media in a Digitally Cluttered World

The Strategic Power of Out-of-Home Media in a Digitally Cluttered World

May 9, 2017

out-of-home mediaWhen it comes to marketing to the Gen Z generation, whether in High School or in College, clients usually lead their inquiry around the College Digital Tactics in our arsenal, in order to reach this post-digitally-native audience.  While digital, mobile and social are all necessary platforms for an extensive youth campaign, the digital world is becoming more and more cluttered with ever-increasing obstacles such as ad blockers & net bots.

As true believers in the power of integrated out-of-home media and college marketing, Refuel Agency utilizes place-based out-of-home media (OOH) to strategically cut through the growing clutter in the digital space.  Not only is OOH media impressively effective when it comes to inspiring action in this younger audience (more on that in a minute), we also love the creative canvas the platform brings to the table.

No longer is a brand confined to 300X250s and 320X50s, it now has the ability to let its branded creative really come to life in a larger environment.  Additionally, with the place-based nature of this type of OOH, you can also audience target high school and/or college students by developing creative that authentically resonates and initiates dialog within these specific consumer groups.  While youthful consumer eyes are frequently aimed at their various screens, these high profile, in-environment media, placements invite a brand to let their creative come to life in-environment.

Refuel’s OOH on-campus college out-of-home media network reaches over 6.7 million students and is located in over 600 colleges nationwide while its OOH in-school teen network reaches over 5.4 million students at 8K+ middle and high school nationwide.  To put these numbers in perspective, Refuel reaches upwards of half of all students in the U.S. and delivers millions of weekly impressions – making this advertising tactic one of the best values in media with scale.

OOH also has an unmatched ability to synergistically enhance the impact of digital marketing in the physical world by amplifying and extending a brand’s message in an increasingly mobile youth culture.   Even on its own, placed-based out-of-home media is extremely effective in calling these youthful consumers into action.

Let’s look into some results from Refuel’s 2017 College Explorer that showcases how OOH motivates action:

In college, those who have seen a place-based OOH ad on-campus:

  • 73% take action because of that media
  • 34% searched for the brand
  • 18% visited a store to look for the brand
  • 16% purchased the brand either online or in-store

Add in cool technology as we did for Samsung’s free song download campaign, and then we are successfully crossing from offline to online, taking the OOH experience right onto mobile.  Plus, OOH is 100% skip-free and ‘on’ 24/7 to keep up with the young consumer’s unregimented lifestyle.

When it comes to teens, Gen-Z, college students and millennials, while most marketers’ lenses are set in the digital realm, place-based in-environment media is a creative, impactful & uncluttered media solution that will drive action and complement an offline/online campaign strategy.


Author:  Jeff Miller, VP Youth Market / Refuel Agency