The Most Effective College Millennial Peer-to-Peer Marketing Solution

With 84% of college millennials saying they pay the most attention to peer-to-peer recommendations when making brand decisions, Refuel’s College Club platform has become a must-have element for a majority of our current college clients. We match your brand with hand-picked, influential, Refuel-certified student ambassadors from our industry leading proprietary database. These personalized brand influencers, help to embody a brand's essence, providing an instant voice for your brand on the ground through word of mouth, sampling, organic campus event integration and organic social media engagement.

Award-Winning College Promotions

College promotions, mass sampling, grassroots and guerrilla marketing are our specialty. Product sampling opportunities include venue-based, with access to over 7MM college students, and hand-to-hand opportunities in and around campuses nationwide. Our college sampling network is the largest and most efficient in the business. We also compliment on-campus media campaigns with postering and flyering opportunities that can enhance or reinforce any college program.

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