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African-American Marketing: Black Consumers Are Demanding Marketers Speak Directly To Them

With $1.2 trillion in spending power, African-Americans are an incredibly important demographic for smart and savvy brands that want to grow market share, brand preferences and ultimately loyalty among this consumer group. But these days, if brands want to build relationships with African-Americans, marketers need to have a deep understanding of their political sensitivities and cultural values. With their growing influence, African-Americans are demanding marketers speak to them in ways that authentically resonate with their core identities and beliefs – through specific channels (like digital and social media) that matter most to them.

Refuel Knows This Market Inside and Out

Through our first party research, data analytics and past campaign learnings, we know how to reach and influence the African-American consumer. Let us walk you through our success stories – and we have hundreds. But we are also never satisfied. That’s why each and every day we continue to refine and optimize our AA campaigns, to ensure best-in-class results and ROI for our clients.

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AAN: 360° African-American Advertising Solutions

We have already done the work for you. Refuel’s exclusive, long-term agreements and alliances guarantee strong penetration into African-American communities for your brand. Whether you are looking to reach African-Americans on a national, regional, local, or hyper-local level, we’ve got you covered. We will design a campaign that fits your goals, utilizing specific channels such as our proprietary print and digital/mobile news network, social media, email marketing, national or local out-of-home, community activations and/or sampling.
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hispanic target media

Outdoor and out-of-home media located in African-American communities including hair and nail salons, barbershops, daycare, c-stores, lunch trucks, and transit.

advertising for hisplanic news

Access to 400+ domestic & international Multicultural Newspapers, Magazines, Websites & Social Media Pages via our proprietary network.

hispanic audience advertising

Refuel has leveraged its exclusive relationships with African-American publishers to collect 1st party data from their in-language and bi-lingual content provider members.

mobile hispanic audience targeting

Expand your targeted reach via mobile display on Refuel’s Premium Mobile Network.

digital social hispanic solutions

Utilize Refuel’s proprietary 1st party data for proven 5 point, scalable, multi-touchpoint campaigns that deliver your messaging with precision!

Hispanic Community Events & Promotions

Events, tours, sponsorships, sampling, postering, flyering, grassroots marketing, and more.

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